The blockchain of proof and trust


Blockchain of proof :"Transparency, Trust, Shared Governance".

The largest register of evidence in the world :

Ledgerofproof is not a disruptive blockchain, not a MVP "Minimum Viable Product" it is a MLP "Minimum Lovable Product".
Users love to use this application as it is a new stream of thought about the collaborative economy.

No reward, no token, no ICO, only a new shared vision for the governance of tomorrow

Ledgerofproof's vision is to become the ecosystem of evidence on blockchain infrastructure. "Transparency, Trust, Shared Governance".

The Blockchain Ledgerofproof is also characterized by the fact that it does not directly store the properties of the users, but only the checksums (hashes). This allows the person authorized by the user to verify the authenticity of the documents while continuing to fully protect the privacy of the user


. Demonstrate the ownership of your data

. Demonstrate ownership of your documents

. Demonstrate ownership of your digital assets

. Demonstrate ownership of your movable and / or immovable property






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